A Festival Designed With The Whole Family In Mind


The Historical Society is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and dissemination of materials and information related to the local history of South Central Marathon County.  Each year, families will be able to visit different museum exhibits, presented by the Mosinee Historical Society.
Visitors will step back in time, within the Little Bull Falls 1700-1920 theme park atmosphere, celebrating the diverse cultural life that the early settlers of Wisconsin River country experienced.  Events at the LogJam festival are interactive, educational, and offered free of charge to the public.  
The Wisconsin River venue at River Park will feature an historic settlement, devoted to the folklore and folk life of logging, farming, the river, and early Central Wisconsin families.  Visitors will learn about the diversity and creativity of the early settlers to this area as they engage with artisans and skilled craft artists.
New tactics of using artillery weapons were developed during the American Civil War. "Flying batteries", were effective in tricking the opposition into believing a greater artillery force opposed them than was actually present. Families will witness a reenactment of the battle procedure utilizing these cannons.